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Once Upon A Time Meme: Three Episodes {01/03}
       ▸1x01 - Pilot

the silliest thing misha has done whilst drunk (x)


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Me and a friend of mine on the topic of Colin O’Donoghue

me: and don’t get me started on colin
her: errr
me: omg
her: for me colin is a middle age man who works on my fish service counter at work LOL
me: the actor that plays killian
jesus woman
her: LOL
i dont remember these things XD
me: s’okay i tells yah. colin freaking o’donoghue is a public menace
her: lolwut
me: freaking hot irish idiots
her: waitwut
me: what?
her: im confused
why is he a menace?
me: honey, he kills with his hotness. do try to keep up
me: okay, let’s back up: killian jones HOT - colin o’donoghue (who plays killian jones) HOT - ergo he is a public menace because he’s HOT and people get blinded/killed/pregnant when any sort of picture of him pops up. with me yet?
i see
me: have you seen him NOT hooked-up?
her: lol i have
many times
speaking of which, when is the show starting again?
me: wow that change of topic threw me off a bit jesus
uh the 29th
her: LOL
i didnt know you had more things to say about him!!! XD sorry!
me: no it’s fine. Honey, we’d be here all night

things i ask myself on a daily basis:


  • what should i eat for dinner
  • what did i accomplish today
  • why the fuck is colin o’donoghue so hot
  • what time should i check the cs ff tag
  • did i charge my phone yet 
  • do i have any conference calls
  • holy shit why is colin o’donoghue so hot
  • will i ever be as stunning as jmo
  • holy shit should i spend another hour looking at colin o’donoghue
  • but why is he so hot tho???? and does he know?


It’s House Pride Week at Pottermore and SPH is joining in (and we want you to, too)! From September 16-19, we will dedicate the blog each day to one of the four houses and we’d like to hear from you about why you’re proud to be a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin! You can also share your favourite stories, headcanons, or quotes from characters in your house (or even the house itself), and when it’s your house’s day, we’ll publish them. 

The schedule is as follows:

  • September 16-#GryffindorPride Day
  • September 17-#RavenclawPride Day
  • September 18-#HufflepuffPride Day
  • September 19-#SlytherinPride Day

So what are you waiting for? Rally your fellow housemates by sharing this post and start sending in your stories

(Not sure what house you’re in? Head on over and sign up to be officially sorted!)


marvel cast + als ice bucket challenge

If you could write a funny episode? What would it be about? [x]

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